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Rockwired Notes: NEVERWONDER

Rockwired Notes: Neverwonder - 06 JUL 2018 _

by Brian Lush _

Their new line up – New EP – and NOT giving up

When the Southern California-based rock band NEVERWONDER first made it onto ROCKWIRED’s radar in early 2006, it was love at first sight and sound. It was also a very different world. Hard rock and the alternative rock of the decade previous were just on their way to becoming the much scoffed at ‘dad rock’.  MTV and VH1 were no longer as music oriented and were setting their sights on the burgeoning reality television phenomenon. The only road to pop glory was AMERICAN IDOL and LADY GAGA wasn’t a thing yet. It was an age typified by the likes of CHRISTINA AGUILERA and BRITNEY SPEARS and those of us who thought we were better than deciding which was better were holding out for a new direction in rock music. It never quite materialized but NEVERWONDER was something special to myself and to this then fledgling publication.

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Published 06 JUL 2018